A Lifesaving Addition: Thank You for Your Generous Donations Towards Our New Gym Defibrillator

by Jul 10, 2023News

We are thrilled to announce that thanks to your incredible generosity and unwavering support, Gym 01 now has a crucial lifesaving device—a defibrillator. We are deeply grateful for your kind donations, which have made it possible for us to provide a safer and more secure environment for all our members. This remarkable addition will undoubtedly enhance our community’s well-being and contribute to our gym’s overall health and safety measures.

At Gym 01, we have always prioritised the safety and welfare of our gym community. With the addition of the defibrillator, we are taking another significant step forward in ensuring the well-being of everyone who walks through (or near) our doors. Sudden cardiac arrests can occur without warning and in any setting, even among seemingly healthy individuals. Having a defibrillator on-site dramatically increases the chances of saving lives in critical moments, providing vital assistance until emergency medical services arrive.

To ensure that our members feel confident and prepared to use the newly acquired defibrillator, we have provided a simple diagram explaining its usage below. More information can be found HERE.

We believe that this new addition to Gym 01 is not just a one-time achievement but a further commitment to ongoing safety and care. We promise to maintain and regularly service the defibrillator, ensuring it remains in optimal condition at all times. Your trust and support mean the world to us, and we will continue to uphold the highest safety standards within our gym. The Defibrillator will be stored in the 24 Hour Gym Side shortly.

Once again, thank you for your incredible generosity and support in helping us acquire a defibrillator for Gym 01. Your donations have made a lasting impact on our community, making our gym a safer place for everyone. We are humbled by your kindness and remain dedicated to providing a welcoming and secure environment where fitness and well-being thrive.