Advanced Kickboxing Team Smash Grading!

by Nov 29, 2021News

We have three new Kickboxing Black Belts at Gym 01! Congratulations Coaches Bayley, Michael and Ian.

At the age of 22, Bayley is our youngest black belt and has been training at Gym 01 for ten years. His commitment and skill shone throughout the grading and he passed with 99.4%.

Next up, Ian, who started training in Kickboxing 15 years ago, he’s competed on Shock N Awe and this year has taken the Junior and Family classes in his stride. His knowledge and consistency earned him his black belt with a 99.4% pass.

Last but not least, Michael. Michael has been training for over 15 years and came to Gym 01 in 2014. In just 7 years he earned his black belt with a 99.7% pass. Michael’s devotion to Kickboxing is something to admire.

Not only that but we now have four new brown belts and three new brown one stripe belts too! Well done to Roz who sailed through her grading and was awarded with a double grade to Brown one stripe. Roz is an amazing role model for any girl or woman wanting to get involved in Kickboxing.

Everyone’s hard work and dedication leading up to yesterday’s 5 hour grading was incredible.

Well done everyone- you should be as proud as we are! Your Grading T shirts will be ready for collection later this week, we apologise for the delay!

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