Breaking News: Outdoor Gym Opening Monday 6th July

by Jun 29, 2020News

We have been constantly adapting during lock down to ensure we can provide you with the best facilities whilst still adhering to government guidelines.

With the latest news that outdoor gyms can open from July 4th we have been working hard to try and do what we can in the limited outdoor space we have. We have taken part of the car park and marked out training spaces which means you will be able to train whilst adhering to the 1 meter distancing. We will have as much of your favourite equipment outside as possible and with 10 areas and only 8 spaces available you can be sure that you can use your favourite stations! If you require certain equipment our staff will be happy to get it out for you (within reason) and subject to it being nice weather. We do have two large marquees up during the wetter weather so come rain or shine we’ve got you covered! There will also be numerous cleaning stations and hand sanitiser available but we do recommend you bring your own and wear a mask if possible, although it is not compulsory.

Please note; We are not currently allowed to let you enter the main building to use the toilet, changing rooms or showers. We ask that you use alternative means of transport to get to and from the gym as we have less than 50% capacity in our car park.

We will also be extending our opening hours starting from Monday 6th July to 7am until 7pm Monday to Friday and 8.30am to 2pm on Saturdays and 10.30am until 1.30pm on Sundays.

To ensure fair use we are limiting the sessions to 45 minutes at a time. This allows us to clean for 15 minutes before the next sessions starts. We appreciate that none of the above is ideal and as things change, we will of course relax restrictions where we can. You will be able to book your slot in the usual way very shortly so keep an eye on the fit sense app for the timetable release.

We will still be offering 121 training with your favourite coaches during these times and have opened a new external area to the rear of the gym which is perfect for your solo or group training. Please e-mail us at to enquire about 121 training, or with any other questions.

We have received a lot of comments and messages about outdoor classes asking why we aren’t doing them so we wanted to take this opportunity to clarify the reasoning. Government guidelines state that groups from separate households are not allowed to get together in large numbers. We have checked with our insurance company and by doing outdoor fitness, martial arts or boxing classes would go against government restrictions and therefore invalidate our insurance. We have always striven to be to lead where others follow and we value our professional integrity dearly. Therefore we will not be offering classes of any sort until the law, and our insurance allow us to. We appreciate some may not agree but we believe this is the correct thing to be doing at this time.

Lastly thank you for every single persons support. Every comment, like and share of our posts goes a long way. Those who have been able to keep their direct debits going we cannot thank you enough and because of you, we are still able to trade. It is going to be a very rocky road over the next 6 months and we hope we can count on you for your continued to support. In return we promise to continue to go above and beyond your expectations and maintain the quality of coaching and facilities you know and love.

We very much hope to see you all very soon.