Congratulations to Gym01 Kickboxing and MMA Teams on Their Success at Island Fight League 3!

by May 23, 2024News

We are thrilled to announce the incredible achievements of our Kickboxing and MMA teams at Island Fight League 3 this past weekend. The dedication, hard work, and passion displayed by our fighters were truly inspiring. While some walked away with victories and others with valuable lessons, everyone emerged from the event with a game plan and a deeper understanding of their craft.

Featherweight Champion: Jack Stickler

A special congratulation goes to Jack Stickler, who secured the featherweight title in spectacular fashion. Jack’s determination and skill were evident as he fought his way to the top, showcasing the excellence we strive for at Gym01. This title is a testament to Jack’s relentless training and unwavering focus.

Making the move – Ryan Donald

After making the move earlier this year, Ryan Donald represented Gym01 for the first time and did so with great success. Ryan’s debut performance was nothing short of impressive, bringing home a win and demonstrating that he is a force to be reckoned with. We are incredibly proud of Ryan’s achievements and look forward to his future fights.

Kenneth Mensah’s Stunning Debut

Kenneth Mensah made a memorable entrance into the cage for his first fight. With a beautifully executed head kick, Kenneth rocked his opponent and secured a unanimous decision victory. His performance was a true highlight of the event and a promising start to his fighting career.

Applause for Draven and George

We also want to extend a huge well done to Draven and George, who both stepped into the cage with courage and determination. In the world of mixed martial arts, every fight is an opportunity to win or learn, and both younge fighters have gained invaluable experience that will fuel their future success. Their dedication to the sport they love is commendable.

Thank you

We would also like to thank coaches Michael Lucy & Emmeline Jones for giving up their time to Join Gareth and Brian and the fight team over on the Isle of Wight and a huge thank you to everyone that supported the fighters cage side or from home via Pay-per-view. Your support is truly appreciated. Support and special thanks also go out to Owen Kew who despite a last minute fight cancellation went and supported his training partner and friend and was by his side when he won his title. 

Looking Forward

As we celebrate these victories and the lessons learned, we remain committed to the growth and development of all our fighters. The success at Island Fight League 3 is a reflection of the hard work put in by our athletes and coaches alike. Each fighter’s journey is unique, and we are proud to support them every step of the way.

Congratulations once again to our incredible Kickboxing and MMA teams. Let’s continue to train hard, stay focused, and aim for even greater heights. Here’s to the future successes of Gym01!