Covid 19 Update – Your Gym Needs You!

by Mar 16, 2020News

At Gym 01 we are constantly trying to improve our already high standards when it comes to cleanliness and general hygiene of the gym and we wanted to let you know that just how serious we are about our members’ health so here’s a little update.

Over the last few weeks we have made improvements to our already comprehensive cleaning rota. We have always operated a traffic light system with our cleaning schedule which includes green, orange and red jobs. Red were daily jobs, orange weekly and green were at least once a month. We have now implemented a system where all jobs are done on a red or orange basis, where red is now two to three times a day.

We’ve been busy installing more cleaning stations for our members to use which are always fully stocked and include anti-bacterial spray, anti-bacterial spray mops and blue roll. All of our mops are cleaned with disinfectant and anti bacterial every day so there is little risk of them being contaminated.  Please use them to clean any training area or equipment you have used.

Extra hand sanitiser stations have been installed throughout the gym.

All of our classes will now be finishing 10 minutes early to allow the mats and all of the equipment that has been used to be cleaned and sanitised ready for the next class.

We are no longer able to lend out gloves, shin pads, head guards or gi’s and they have been cleaned and packed away until a time where the risk of cross-infection is lower.

Along with recruiting more staff to ensure all of the above is done we have invested in over 40 additional staff hours per week to make sure your health is our priority.

Now we need your help! We appreciate the Covid 19 outbreak is creating a time of financial uncertainty for most but would ask that if you are unable to train that you leave your membership active, rather than cancel it. With the investment recently made to extend the gym and go 24 hours this couldn’t have come at a worse time for us and we are doing everything possible to make sure the gym stays open through the uncertain times ahead.

Your contribution made through your membership is always valued and will be now more so than ever. If you feel unwell please stay home and stay healthy! Following the guidelines below when you are in the gym will help keep us outbreak free and your gym open.

Thank you.