I started kickboxing at GYM 01 in my second year of university (2013), with the intention of getting fit and losing weight.
I had some experience in martial arts and have trained at a few clubs before all of which did not compare to GYM 01. The staff and facilities are amazing, the coaches offer so much support and advice that you never feel alone in your weight loss journey, unlike other commercial gyms they actually know your name and story here and give up their time to help you in anyway they can.
I’ve also made long life friends and special memories- I even work there in my spare time I love it that much!

Since I have been at the gym I have lost 20kg (3 stone) I feel so fit and strong and full of confidence and I now compete in Amateur Boxing for the gym.

I cannot thank the gym more for what they have done, in all honesty, I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for this gym. Thanks Gareth, Brian, Wayne and my top boxing coach James Connor for all the support.