Prior to joining Gym 01 I was bored and completely frustrated. Despite having lost some weight I had hit a plateau and without seeing any gains my workouts were no longer as enjoyable as they once were.


Although having little to no experience in martial arts and combat sports it had always been something I was open to trying but never actually getting round to doing. I finally stopped making excuses and just got on did it. Since then I have not looked back and it has quite simply been one of the best things I have ever done.


Without even realising it was achieving goals both ones I had set and ones I didn’t even know I wanted to. My plateau was broken through and the weight was dropping off quicker than ever. I dropped 2 and a half stone in just over 6 months. My flexibility was improving and I was seeing lean muscular gains. The funny thing was though I wasn’t thinking about any of it they were just additional benefits. All I was thinking about was improving the skills and techniques I was learning.


I walked into the perfect support network without looking for it. If I didn’t know something about technique, training, nutrition or supplementation I just asked. With (training partner’s + coaches = friends) always willing to assist and give advice you cannot go wrong.


I joined with the intention of losing more weight for aesthetic value, I not only achieved this but embarked on a journey that has me learning new things and growing as a person I have developed both my patience and discipline greatly. Best of all, I know I am nowhere near the end of that journey and looking forward to the future. It’s great for the confidence being that bit lighter around the waist too. I thank Gym 01 for providing me the perfect environment to both shrink and grow as a person.