I started training at Gym 01 during my second year of University (2013) and tried out Kickboxing and Boxing, of which I committed to Boxing and soon after I started competing.

I have always been into sports and going to the gym, but this was my first real experience of trying martial arts, and I couldn’t have started my journey in a better place.

Joining Gym 01 and the Boxing team also became a major path of my recovery from a number of eating disorders in the past. Training at Gym 01 became a routine in my life, and I started to create a balance with my training plan and eating.
In the last year, I have personally achieved so much with the help and guidance of so many people, including the coaches at Gym 01. Training at Gym 01 hasn’t only given me one of the biggest confidence boosts in my life, it’s given me a lifelong skill that I am proud of. The concept of being a girl and being a boxer, seems so bizarre to so many people, however, one major aspect of this gym is that there is no judgements or egos. Everyone comes into the gym for one reason, girl or boy, young or old, it doesn’t matter, we’re all here to train.

The help and support of the coaches has been like no other, the care and passion they show for their members is unique, they’re not just coaches but people who genuinely sit down and get to know you on a personal level. I have met the nicest and most dedicated group of people at this gym, and definitely made a few long life friends!
I couldn’t be prouder of where I am today, eating healthy, maintaining a balance and competing in boxing and all because I decided to try something new!


On the left it’s me on my 18th Birthday during the downfall of a series of eating disorders. Fast forward a few years, on the right it’s me a few days ago at the gym, healthy weight, healthy mind and currently training for upcoming boxing bouts!