Fuel at Gym01

by Apr 5, 2024Uncategorized

Introducing Fuel at Gym01, Your Ultimate Fitness and Co-working Cafe.

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Fuel at Gym01, a revolutionary addition to our fitness and martial arts facility. At Fuel, we’ve transformed a small space into a dynamic and expansive area, perfect for fostering productivity, community, and of course, fitness fuel!

Our team have been hard at work, dedicating countless hours to creating a welcoming environment that seamlessly blends the energy of a gym with the comfort of a modern co-working space. We’re excited to offer this innovative concept to both our esteemed gym members and the wider community of Portsmouth.

A Partnership for Excellence

At Fuel, we believe in sourcing the best of the best, which is why we’ve partnered with Bubblehead Barista, a renowned local coffee bean roaster. Together, we’re committed to serving you nothing but the finest coffees in Portsmouth. From rich espressos to creamy lattes, our menu is crafted to satisfy even the most discerning coffee aficionados.

More Than Just Coffee

While exceptional coffee is at the heart of Fuel, we’re not stopping there. In the upcoming weeks, we’ll be expanding our offerings to include a mouthwatering selection of freshly prepared food and drinks. Whether you’re looking for a post-workout protein smoothie or a nutritious balanced meal, to fuel your day, we’ve got you covered. Why not treat yourself whilst you’re here to one of our Limited Edition Gym01 re-usable coffee cups for just £9.99 and get 10% off your coffee refills?

A Space for Everyone

One of the most exciting features of Fuel is its inclusivity. Whether you’re a gym member looking to refuel after a tough workout or a freelancer seeking a productive workspace, Fuel welcomes you with open arms. Our spacious layout and comfortable seating make it the ideal spot to catch up on emails, brainstorm with colleagues, or simply unwind with a good book. To top it off, we offer free wifi to everyone as well. We invite you to come and experience the vibrant atmosphere of Fuel at Gym01 for yourself. Whether you need a caffeine boost, a nutritious meal, or a welcoming space to work and connect, we’ve got everything you need to power through your day. Visit us today and discover a new way to fuel your fitness and productivity journey!

Join Us for Fight Night at Fuel!

In addition to our exciting launch, we’re thrilled to announce an exclusive and free event coming to Fuel Cafe on Friday, April 12th. We invite both members and non-members to join us for a thrilling Fight Night watch party, where we’ll be broadcasting the highly anticipated Shock N Awe event that’s happening this weekend at the Guildhall, Portsmouth. Get ready to witness the adrenaline-pumping action as some of the region’s top fighters step into the cage for an unforgettable night of combat sports. From epic knockouts to jaw-dropping submissions, Shock N Awe promises to deliver non-stop excitement and entertainment.