Gym 01’s First Boxing Grading!

by Apr 29, 2022News

We are excited to announce our first Boxing Grading due to take place on the 15th May at 11:00AM!

The grading will be like an extended training session where you will be assessed on techniques, according to the level you are going for (Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced). The grading is invitation only and you will be given a paper invitation from Coach James to inform you of everything, a few weeks prior to the grading.

The cost of the grading is £35 in cash only and can be paid to Reception. The invitation must be returned to Reception directly by the closing date or you will not be able to grade. Please do not be late on the day or this will be an automatic failure.

Anybody wanting to see a copy of the syllabus to see what techniques you have to know are welcome to view it at GYM01 on the wall by the seating area.

Good luck to all of our Gym 01 Monsters!