Lockdown Training Schedule

by Nov 3, 2020News

Starting from this Thursday, we are going virtual! Over the next 4 weeks, we are uploading a comprehensive schedule of over 50 Junior and Adult classes which you can book, watch and join in on via your Fitsense app.

Check out our Virtual Classes timetable below!

Staying active and keeping up good fitness habits remains essential to maintaining both mental and physical wellbeing, so we will be supporting you with a variety of online tools to help you, including weekly coach catch ups! If you don’t already, please follow our member community pages and official Gym 01facebook pages on social media to stay in touch with us.

Whilst the 4 week lockdown is in effect our telephone and e-mail will only be manned between 9am and 1pm Monday to Friday. We are not currently able to answer any messages via social media.

Finally, we would like to thank all of you once again for your support and patience. Stay fit and healthy and we look forward to seeing you training with us again very soon.