BJJ classes are widely recognised as the most formidable form of self defence around the world, and is taught to various military personnel including the Marines. Thanks to the Gracies and other pioneers of the sport, it is a martial art that, whilst only a number of decades old, is taught worldwide. The most appealing thing about BJJ, we think, is the fact that literally anybody can do it and you can be any age to start.

Colin Howells oversees all of the BJJ classes at Gym 01 and teaches from beginner to Brown Belts and is also available for 121 training throughout the week. The grading system in BJJ doesn’t work like most other martial arts where you have a set event for the grading. To grade in BJJ comes down to various attributes such as time spent training, competing and level of competing as well as other variables. If you are eligible for a grade, these are presented to you in class and work in a system of tags (stripes on your belt) then the belts work through White, Blue, Purple, Brown and Black.

Beginner's BJJ

Embark on your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu journey with our dedicated Beginners BJJ class at Gym 01. Designed for those stepping onto the mat for the first time, this class focuses on fundamental techniques, positional control, and introductory submissions. Our experienced instructors create a welcoming environment, ensuring a smooth transition into the world of BJJ. Whether you’re looking to improve fitness, build confidence, or simply try something new, our Beginners BJJ class provides the perfect starting point for your martial arts adventure.

Advanced BJJ

For practitioners with a solid foundation in BJJ, our Advanced class (4 Stripe White Belt and above) at Gym 01 offers a dynamic training experience. Dive deeper into the intricacies of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with advanced techniques, refined drills, and live sparring sessions. This class is tailored to challenge and elevate your skills to the next level. Join a community of like-minded individuals who share your passion for the art of BJJ and push your boundaries in a supportive and challenging environment.

Junior BJJ

At Gym 01, we believe in nurturing the next generation of martial artists. Our Junior BJJ classes provide a safe and fun space for children to learn essential BJJ principles, self-discipline, and teamwork. Tailored for various age groups, our experienced instructors use age-appropriate teaching methods to engage and inspire young minds. Watch as your child develops confidence, physical fitness, and a love for the art of BJJ in an environment that prioritises both safety and enjoyment.

Family BJJ

Spend quality time with your loved ones while experiencing the benefits of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu together in our Family BJJ classes. Every Saturday, Gym 01 opens its doors to participants of all ages and skill levels, providing a unique opportunity for families to train side by side. These classes blend technique drills with interactive exercises, fostering a sense of unity and connection among family members. Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or a complete beginner, our Family BJJ classes offer a fantastic way to bond, stay active, and share the joy of martial arts as a family.

Book Your Taster Day with us!

We understand it can sometimes be daunting signing up to a new gym. Come and trial all of the facilities and any beginner classes for just £12*. We have kit you can borrow to start you off but recommend you get your own kit as soon as possible. We offer starter kits and more which are available at our shop. You are welcome to wear shorts and t-shirt for your trial, but we ask there are no zips or pockets.

*£12 deducted from your membership if you decide to join. T’s & C’s apply.


BJJ Coaches

Our head coach, Colin Howells, is a 2nd Degree Black Belt under Vitor Shaolin and has competed all over the world. Achieving Gold medals in the 2015 Munich Open, 2015 Gothernburg Open, 2014 London Open plus many more. Not only that, Colin also holds a Black Belt in Taekwondo, is a certified strength and conditioning, and kettle bell coach and has also competed in Mixed Martial Arts.



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