Amateur Boxing is one of the most popular sports in the country and has a long heritage in England. Being a seasonal sport, a lot of clubs close or scale down for the summer when numbers drop down. Being a gym that cater for all, our classes are consistent throughout the year. We have a very strong team that compete all over the world and very regularly. However competing and sparring is optional as a lot of people enjoy just the fitness aspect of Boxing.

Head coach Lucy Ward has competed all over the world and won at various Box Cups and championships including the English, and British University championships including a gold medal at the 2018 British University and Colleges Sport Novice boxing competition. Lucy is a qualified ABA coach and dedicates a lot of time to not only teaching, but coaching the next generation of instructors as well.

Boxing classes at Gym 01 are split into two types; all levels and carded boxers only. These are to ensure those who do compete get the attention they need along with a heavy focus in class on sparring. The all levels class is more fitness and pad work based so more suitable for those who do not want to compete. When the boxing season ends in the spring, all classes are open to all levels.

We have gloves you can borrow for your free trial but you are highly recommended to purchase your own along with handwraps and gumshield as soon as possible. Boxing boots can be worn but are optional if you do not want to compete.