Kickboxing Classes

Kickboxing classes are a fantastic way to get fit, gain confidence and learn some self defence skills. Kickboxing is considered the sport version of any martial art and although often confused with a martial art itself, it isn’t. This is why you will find Chinese Kickboxing, American Kickboxing, Dutch Kickboxing etc as these will put the types of Kickboxing into rough categories so the individual styles can be labelled. The original martial art of Dutch Kickboxing is Kyokushin Karate, a full contact style founded by Mas Oyama in the mid 1950’s.

At Gym 01 we teach a hybrid style of Kickboxing which can be most closely associated with Dutch Kickboxing, or K1. Head coach Gareth has practised and studied in Karate, American Kickboxing and Muay Thai. This style of Kickboxing encompasses lots of techniques from all three styles, including clinch work and elbows not often found in other Kickboxing styles.

Kickboxing at Gym 01 is overseen by Gareth Johnson, a 4th Dan Black Belt in Kickboxing, 2nd Dan in Karate, along with a 3rd Khan in Muay Thai. He has competed in Karate, K1, Muay Thai, Boxing and MMA and has trained Area, English and British Champions in Muay Thai and K1.

Head coach of the junior classes, Jade Barker is a Black Belt in Taekwondo and has competed in K1 and MMA at a professional level. Assistant Head Coach Michael Lucy is a 1st Dan Black Belt in Kickboxing and Assistant coaches Ian Hollinshead (also a Junior assistant coach) and Bayley Wainwright, both 1st Dan Black Belts.

Classes at Gym 01 are split into three groups in order to cater for all of our members. Beginners, Fundamentals and Intermediate to Advanced. If you want to progress into the Intermediate to Advanced you can train in the Beginners classes and tick off a certain amount of techniques in order to qualify for the classes. In our fundamental classes the beginner techniques are taught along with more fitness based pad work. Our intermediate to advanced classes cover an array of techniques and drills, with optional sparring after most classes. We have a grading system and there is also the opportunity to compete, both of which are completely voluntary.

We have gloves you can borrow to start you off but recommend you get your own kit as soon as possible. This normally comprises of gloves, hand wraps, shin-pads, gumshield, groin guard and shorts. You are welcome to wear shorts and t-shirt for your trial, but we ask there are no zips or pockets.