Muay Thai

Muay Thai at Gym 01 is overseen by Gary Gregory, a 16th Khan Chatura Karu (Grand Master) of Muay Thai Korat-Navarach. He has competed in Boxing and Muay Thai and has 30-plus years of training in all aspects of Muay Thai. Gary is also the Senior Instructor/Adviser to Royal Navy Muay Thai and is recognised by the Thai Government Physical Education Department and the Institute of Thai arts and Culture.

Whether your goal is to compete, grade, or have fun – these classes will be perfect for you!

We have gloves you can borrow to start you off but recommend you get your own kit as soon as possible. This normally comprises of gloves, hand wraps, shin-pads, gumshield, groin guard, and shorts. You should to wear shorts and a t-shirt for the classes but we ask there are no zips or pockets.