Women's Only Classes

Boxing and Kickboxing classes are a fantastic way to get fit, gain confidence and learn some self defence skills.

Our Women’s Only Boxing is overseen by Lucy Ward. Lucy has been boxing for around 7 years and competes around the country at an amateur level. She also won Gold at the 2018 British Uni and College Sports Novice Boxing championships.
Laura Keane is our Women’s Only Kickboxing Coach! Laura is a Brown 1 Stripe in Kickboxing and a 3rd Dan Black Belt in Taiho Jitsu, plus has competed in Kickboxing.

Join us for fitness-filled sessions of stress-busting and confidence-building that only stepping into a ring and hitting some pads can give you!

All levels are welcome and this class is suitable for those without any fitness or martial arts background.

We have gloves you can borrow to start you off but recommend you get your own kit as soon as possible. This normally comprises of gloves, hand wraps, shin-pads, gumshield, anklets, and shorts. You are welcome to wear shorts/leggings and a t-shirt for the classes, but we ask there are no zips or pockets.