We believe the best advertising for our gym, is word of mouth, so here are a few of the success stories, and some recommendations.
People from all walks of life, and backgrounds train at the gym. Here are just a few of them.
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“I was invited down to Gym 01 a few years ago by Brian Adams.
I was very impressed by the facilities and by the coaching which reflects in the level of their fighters.
I go to Gym 01 as much as I can whilst I’m in England in order to train with some of the UK’s top MMA athletes.
They’re a great team and always make me feel very welcome.”


Just over a year since my son and I have been coming here! We love it, the classes are brilliant with excellent coaches and all the staff are brilliant too – so friendly and welcoming. Everyone there is just so helpful. Big thank you to everyone at Gym 01 – what a difference a year can make!

Demi Carter

I started kickboxing at Gym01, with the intention of getting fit and losing weight.

I had some experience in martial arts and have trained at a few clubs before all of which did not compare to Gym01. The staff and facilities are amazing, the coaches offer so much support and advice that you never feel alone in your weight loss journey, unlike other commercial gyms they actually know your name and story here and give up their time to help you in anyway they can.”

Suzanne Drummond

As a 57 year old woman with little previous fitness experience, I am probably the least likely person you would expect to see training at Gym 01, BUT I do, and I love it!

If you really want to get fit but you’re worried about feeling self-conscious, stop worrying. Gym 01 is the place for you!!

Shakiba Moghadam

Joining Gym 01 and the Boxing team also became a major path of my recovery from a number of eating disorders in the past. Training at Gym 01 became a routine in my life, and I started to create a balance with my training plan and eating.

In the last year, I have personally achieved so much with the help and guidance of so many people, including the coaches at Gym 01. Training at Gym 01 hasn’t only given me one of the biggest confidence boosts in my life, it’s given me a lifelong skill that I am proud of…



Units 15 & 16,
Partnership Park,

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